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Speaking of Hot….

28 Feb

Augie did a pretty good job cleaning out and repairing the fireplace!

Still some kinks to workout, but last night I really felt like we were on vacation at a cozy cabin somewhere!


We’re in hot water!

27 Feb

Corinne was quite alarmed when she was washing some pots and was nearly scalded by the temperature of the water coming out of the kitchen faucet. I also agreed it seemed extremely hot and was reminded of it this morning cleaning up from breakfast (grits and pancakes!). I remembered we had a team of experts to consult, so I summoned them and they both agreed the temperature of the water coming out was a little over 140 degrees!

That’s pretty serious heat! (That’s 60 Celsius to our Canadian readers) You can get a 2nd degree burn in 3 seconds or 3rd degree in as little as 5 seconds at that temp. So, we definitely have some investigating to do, seems to support our desire for a Rinnai Tankless hot water heater!

Over & OUT!!

26 Feb

We’re out of our old place! Finally!! It really took the whole week. Every time I thought we were done another truck/van load appeared!

We didn’t even get to do much yet at the new place because we still had SO much to take care of in Sea Cliff. But we handed over the keys to the new tenants a little while ago so now we can put all of our time and energy into our new home!

It was pretty sad walking around a completely empty house that was once so cozy, but thinking about all the fun memories we made there certainly brightened the mood!

There are a few things left in the garage we have to go back for, but it’s all outdoor stuff. And now that all of our indoor stuff is in we can pull up the cardboard protecting our floors and really start getting settled! So exciting!!

Chim chiminey

24 Feb

Well, we got our Chimney swept and our firebox serviced today by Augie’s Chimney Sweep. It was recommended to have some service done on the fireplace by the home inspector. Augie and Frank were immediately shaking their heads and telling me how dirty the chimney was and how it looked like it had never been swept and we’re lucky we didn’t have a fire and those sorts of dramatic statements. So they swept and they did some “pointing” repair in the firebox and now we have to wait till Saturday to have another fire.

They’re going to send me an estimate about a few repairs they recommend on the outside of the chimney for “when the weather breaks” so they can safely go up on the roof.

One week

23 Feb

Well, it’s been one week since we closed on the house and it has been a whirlwind, to say the least. We have almost all of our stuff out of the old house and into the new house, and my back is feeling it. It is really astounding how much stuff we have accumulated over just two and a half years, and we are paying the price in trip after trip with truckloads of crap.
We have a chimney company coming tomorrow to inspect and clean the chimney, and hopefully they’ll tell us if our trouble maintaining fires in the fireplace are based on the fireplace and chimney or on wood issues.

Also, I have a new found appreciation for the high ceilings in our new basement after I grabbed a box in the old house and walked straight into a beam, almost knocking myself out cold. My head had a nice bump on it and there’s a good mark under my hair from it. OUCH!

Cheers! (First pizza making session)

21 Feb

We’re making our first pizzas in the new house with the new (to us) oven, and they’re coming out great! We’re trying the convection setting we never had before. We ran out of our usual session lager so we found a suitable replacement to toast with.

Fridge transplant

21 Feb

So, today we did the big transfer of the fridge and freezer from the old house to the new house. We gathered up a small fleet of coolers and emptied the old one and airlifted them to the new house (ok, we threw ’em in the back of the pickup). There was a rack of ribs that wouldn’t really fit in the cooler so I put that in some snow in the truck, it barely fit in the new fridge because it is a counter-depth fridge.

Greetings from Glen Cove!

20 Feb

We made it! After four days of hard work and with lots of help from our wonderful family and friends we are in our new home!
We’re even ahead of schedule!

There’s still a bunch of stuff in the basement and garage at the old place, but just about all of our other things are here.

The kitchen is unpacked and we have temporarily set up our bedroom in the future guest room since the master is full of boxes!

It took quite some doing to get Ishi here, but she made it and is seemingly enjoying all the new things to smell and explore!

Live from moving day!

19 Feb

It’s about 4:00 and we have a ton of stuff over here already! We still have a ton more to move but there’s definite progress. The next battle is going to be sorting it all out!

Alrighty break’s over!

PHOTO: Melinda


18 Feb


It’s officially official! Our house hunting site has declared our house sold! Good thing too, Jer and a friend from work moved in a ton of our stuff yesterday!

The cleaning service did an AMAZING job yesterday too!!! The house looks fantastic, and they saved us a ton of time!! I really thought this weekend was gonna be spent cleaning, and next weekend we’d move in.

BUT, since the house is sparkly clean, and about half our stuff made it there yesterday, Jer and I decided we’d really take advantage of having the next 3-days off, and make this weekend the official move in!

Come Tuesday, our approximate 8-minute commute to work will be down to about 5!