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Happy Halloween!!!

31 Oct

This weekend was quite an eventful one here at Titus Road! In addition to a random October snowstorm, we were quite busy with various projects around the house, but more on that later.

In the midst of our work, we managed to snag some discount Halloween decorations from Rite Aid & Ace Hardware, and hang them just in time for the big holiday. We have no idea how many trick o’ treaters to expect since it’s our first Halloween here, but our candy bowl is ready for action!!

Happy Halloween!!!




30 Oct

Corinne’s doing a little priming on the new wall in the kitchen while I head to grab some tools for our other project we’re working on.


We picked up a bunch of wood last night and luckily we were able to tarp it up so it stayed dry from the snow and rain last night.

The Cat’s Out of the Bag!

30 Oct



Tarped out on a rainy day

29 Oct

Luckily, the tarp is not to keep rain out of the house but to contain dust from sanding the drywall compound. Seems to be keeping most of the dust from flowing to the rest of the kitchen so I think it’s working. Being sure to follow up closely with shop vac as I go to keep it from spreading!


Sheetrock work continues

26 Oct

Sorry again for the slow updates. We’ve been traveling so much for work that work on the house has been a rarity.

We continued work over the weekend on the dining room and kitchen Sheetrock. We spread a bunch of spackle and and cut some patches for the area around the new window in the kitchen. We finally filled in the hole from the old switches in the kitchen, and removed remnants from the old alarm system and filled the holes. Then we taped the corners in the dining room and tried to blend in all the seems between the old and the new.

We haven’t done any sanding yet because… well, we’re afraid of the mess! We’re gonna have to bite the bullet soon though, I have a feeling it would be a very good thing if this room was finished by Thanksgiving. 🙂

What’s up? Nut’n Bolty!

13 Oct

Well, we finally got a chance on Sunday to return to the deck project a little, and it was quite the perfect day. We’d probably be further along if every work day we had was like this, warm, dry, and sunny but not beating down on you, a little lower so it was peaking throughout the trees a bit.
We finally got to install the bolts for the ledger board. Ideally this would have been done prior to framing out the whole deck but it wasn’t a big deal, it just amounted to a little more climbing around. The good thing is that we were able to install the joists without having to worry about working around the bolts. I went down in the basement and measured out the joist spacing of the floor and any obstacles in the drilling area like the drain for the kitchen sink. Then I transferred those measurements to the outside and we were able to figure out where we could put bolts so they’d wind up between the deck joists and the floor joists.
We got a special drill bit just for the job and it was $8 well spent. It’s a speedbore bit that does a great job of drilling through the 3 2x8s the bolts have to go through.
We would drill a hole, and slip the 8″ bolts in and hammer them in a mallet. Then we’d put a dab of silicone at the bolt head to keep water from flowing in. Then one of us would go down in the basement and put on a bolt and washer and hold the wrench while the other turned the ratchet.



Rocking the Dining Room

11 Oct

We did some insulation and sheetrock in the dining room around the new sliding door on Saturday. First we used low-expanding spray foam to fill in the gap between the door frame and the rough opening.


Once that was dry we trimmed the excess squeeze out and then we began cutting the drywall. We took our time trying to make it fit as tight as possible because it needed to slip behind the existing drywall in the corner.
Next up is to start the messy job of spackling, of course, then prime, paint and trim.

Steaming along again, for now

7 Oct

I just had a meeting with Jack from Island Steam and Water about our potential new Tankless water heater and, as a bonus, he found the hidden reset button on our old boiler so we are currently back in the hot water business! I think it may be shower time!

Running on Empty?

6 Oct

We woke up to a bit of a situation this morning. No hot water!! My immediate assumption was that we were out of oil.

The tank was filled just before our closing back in February, so I figured we were probably getting low. There’s no totally accurate way to check this though because the gauge on our 55 year old system no longer works. We do have a giant measuring stick my father gave us to use after they switched to gas heat. Basically you put this 12′ stick into the oil tank outside and read the markings when you pull it back out. (Kinda like checking the oil on your car with a ruler.) Jer measured it at 9.5″, which according to the chart (as seen below) we supposedly have around 70 gallons left.

Upon consulting with my parents who’ve had oil heat up until earlier this year, they suggested that perhaps what’s left in our tank is just sludge, or mostly sludge and that’s clogging up the lines, preventing the furnace from operating properly.

There is a reset button of some sort on there, which Jer did reset, but that didn’t do anything. We’re gonna have to bring in a pro to assess this one, and quick because it’s starting to get nippy here, and I don’t enjoy showering at my gym.

Hopefully this is something we can easily repair for the time being, because we really want to switch to gas heat this year, and hope to never have to pay for oil (The fill-up before our closing was covered by the seller!); especially since current prices are about the same per gallon as gas for a car!