Greetings from Glen Cove!

20 Feb

We made it! After four days of hard work and with lots of help from our wonderful family and friends we are in our new home!
We’re even ahead of schedule!

There’s still a bunch of stuff in the basement and garage at the old place, but just about all of our other things are here.

The kitchen is unpacked and we have temporarily set up our bedroom in the future guest room since the master is full of boxes!

It took quite some doing to get Ishi here, but she made it and is seemingly enjoying all the new things to smell and explore!


One Response to “Greetings from Glen Cove!”

  1. Mike I February 23, 2011 at 2:57 PM #

    I’m a little disappointed to see Jer buying ‘wood’ in that picture… What you didn’t have time to split your own yet? You could at least went to Jimmy’s and took some from his pile…

    Don’t make me bring some from mine!

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