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Heat Wave!

31 May

We got back from camping over Memorial Day weekend and of course it was about 90 degrees, so we had to scramble to install the window air conditioners. It’s pretty much an annual event to sweat ourselves silly trying to put the air conditioners in on a scorching hot, oppressively humid day.

We carried this tradition on to the new house and, naturally, the storm window sits higher than the window sill so we had to build it up with some wood to make sure the unit would sit level. Definitely a bit inadequate to cool the entire house but at least the bedroom and living room are bearable. Certainly moves the installation of some central AC much higher up on the list!


Hot Tub!

30 May

A friend of ours was asking me about the possibility of helping with moving an above-ground pool they were getting from someone. In talking about it they mentioned that the same people were also giving away a hot tub possibly. So we expressed interest and they have apparently committed to let us have it! It may need a little bit of R and R but hopefully it’s minor and we will have a hot tub for the cost of a little grunt work and some PVC pipe. As I write this I am sweating my ass off in 90 plus degrees so something like a Hot Tub sounds absurd, but nonetheless, that’s the plan.

On the level

29 May


As part of our tools or deck building I decided it would be good to have a decent level so the deck doesn’t wind up looking like the Cyclone.

The biggest level I have is about 8 inches long so I really needed a big upgrade. We went with a 6 foot Fat Max aluminum level by Stanley. The strong aluminum frame should keep it from bending like some other levels I’ve seen that can let you “cheat the level” by bending it in to place.


27 May


We had the fan in the window and little Ishi decided to jump in the little bit of the window that was still exposed for a better look outside.
Luckily her claws didn’t get stuck in the screen like they did yesterday!

I ain’t THAT Italian!

26 May

So, being that our deck will be directly outside one of our basement windows and having seen basement windows under a deck and how gross they are I decided to brick up the window. I consulted with a mason and he basically brushed me off and said it was easy, like too small of a job to bother with. In all I read online it seems pretty cut and dry, an hour or so. Well, I think I spent about 2 hours just shopping for materials. Which were a compromise because I couldn’t get the exact block size I wanted. I spent a good hour breaking out the old widow frame. (which was a good thing based on what I found when I demoed it. More on that later…maybe)
When I finally got around to the masonry portion of the project It really became obvious how thinned out my Italian blood had become. Mixing mortar did not come naturally to me, laying blocks and using a trowel did not come naturally to me. I got it done though, well, the inside portion at least, so far.




A sign of things to come?!

25 May

If you’re up to date on our blog, you’re aware of all the tools Jer’s been acquiring for tearing down our living room wall to install our new sliding door.

In my mind, we’re still a few weeks away from such drastic measures (ripping open our home), but last night I came home to this:

heartfelt gift or warning?!?

Being presented with my own personalized hard hat (styled after a similar hat on my favorite design show – see below) really makes wonder if Jer will be able to hold out on giving all his new toys a workout until we get that permit! Hopefully it comes through soon!

Jer's version of an inspiration piece!

Either way, when the demo starts I’ll be styling & well protected!


24 May


This little guy is another new acquisition for the big project. This is a hammer staple tacker for insulation and house wraps. It’s basically a staple gun but instead of pulling a lever you swing it like a hammer and that force shoots the staple in. I’ve wanted one of these since I was a kid so it’s a silly dream come true 🙂

Grab me my nine iron

23 May

OK, this post isn’t actually golf related but it does involve swinging at the grass.
We just acquired a new weed whacker to go along with the lawn tractor. The big guy can only get so close to edges and corners so this guy will pick up the slack. We splurged a little bit on this guy and went with the one that is pretty much a commercial version and had lots of great reviews. Looks like we might have been in the market for a new one in a year or so if we went with one of the lesser models.

This guy is an Echo SRM 225
That’s a 17inch 21.2 cc Gas powered 2 cycle Straight shaft Line trimmer, to you laymen… er, maybe that’s what “weed whacker” was.

After using this little fella during a brief break between rain showers it became apparent that a dedicated pair of weed whacking pants may be appropriate.

Hot off the Presses!

22 May


Just picked up our blueprints Thursday night, and the permit was filed on Friday. It was a bit of a downer that the blueprints were folded instead of rolled up and didn’t have a trace of blue, but I guess that’s perhaps a thing of the past.

We got ’em!

21 May

As threatened, I was able to pick up our new sliding doors from Nassau Door and Window. The door and non-moving panel come separately and the frame comes disassembled, making it a much more manageable transport than an 8’x7′ 400 pound object.