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“Reality is a sliding door.”

28 Apr

Quoted from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I don’t quite understand what he meant by that but hopefully,  I will soon!!

Jer ordered our sliding door last week, and it should be delivered around May 16th! It fits an 8′ wide space, and features about 7′ of glass, which will take up almost the entire back wall of our dining room, really bringing the outside in! (a key feature of ranch-style home design)

Not only is it going to look great, but it will also provide us access to the deck we’re building! We opted for the Andersen 200 Series, with a right-side opening, in the “Terratone” color, with the much needed insect screen.

Andersen 200 Series Gliding door (w/o grille!)


Rain rain go away…

25 Apr

Ok, so it’s not raining today, but it has been raining A LOT in our neck of the woods lately. April showers I guess…

Anyway, today’s beautiful weather is one of our big inspirations for embarking on our first major home improvement: a deck! We decided that since we have such a potentially wonderful yard, we’d really like to take advantage of it this summer, and since there’s no way we’d be able to swing putting in a pool this year, we decided to start here.

We have an architect who is drawing up our vision for the deck so we can get the proper permits to build it. He’s been by the house twice, once for a consultation, and the second time to measure. Saturday we went to his office to review the plans he drew up. They look great, and once we decide on a few things this week, the plans will be finalized and ready to present to the city for our building permit.

In the meantime, while this is going on, we’ve started digging up some bushes in the back that will be in the way of the deck. The weather (and work schedules) has slowed our progress, but here’s a quick before and after of what we’ve done so far.



In addition to the deck, we’ll also be adding a big sliding door going from our dining room to the deck (where the two windows next to the door are in the picture above), and closing off the odd door (also pictured above) that goes from the kitchen to the backyard. In its place will be a window.

How does your garden grow??

13 Apr

Honestly, I’m not sure! But it is!!
Check out all my buds!


So far at least one of everything I planted (except for the cilantro??) has sprouted! The zucchini seems to be the front runner, which is great because I’m really looking forward to cooking up it’s blossoms!

I have yet to dig up a patch in the backyard for the garden, but I think I have a good spot picked out. I am a bit concerned about our yard inhabitants. I fear them making a salad for themselves as soon as these plants make it outside…

Party of Five

11 Apr

Friday night Jer and I hosted our first dinner party at the house! The guests of honor were his two brothers and sister-in-law.

Our guests arrived around 8 and we started the evening with some boccaccini, mixed olives, and a lovely bottle of Malbec. We then moved on to steamed clams and mussels.

While cleaning up between courses we gave our guests a tour of the house (it was their first visit!) and Jer had made a roaring fire to lounge by.

After the apps, we made pizza! Before our guests arrived, I pre-made the dough and sauce. All we had to do was roll it out, add the sauce & cheese, then toss it in the oven containing our pre-heated stone. Two minutes later, out came some pretty tasty pizza which we washed down with a few bottles of Session Lager!

Post dinner (which was served & eaten around our tiny kitchen island – a good note for future kitchen design), we continued the house tour in the basement. The old bar down there was quite a hit, as it tends to be, but we still plan to take it down in favor of a laundry room!

We then headed back to the living room and gathered around the fire, drinks in hand, and even lil Ishi made an appearance!

The night culminated with a cupcake dessert before our guests headed home. All in all, a lovely evening was had- great company, tasty food, and lots of laughs!

Looking forward to hosting many more friends and family in our home!!

Signs of Life!!!

2 Apr

Well I am blown away folks! My seeds are sprouting!!!!! No idea how, but they are! I’ve got zucchini & corn sprouting! Granted it’s only in 3 of the 36 cells so far, but it’s only been a week! So exciting!! Hopefully it will start getting warm out so I can plant these guys in the ground when they’re ready!

Check it out: