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No More Winky

19 Mar

For the last couple of weeks my truck has had one headlight low beam intermittently not working. A few times a swift tap on the headlight got it working, and other times I could tell it was going on and off occasionally by the reflection of a car ahead of me. After about a week I bought a new bulb and replaced the old one, only to find that it was still happening. I then became suspicious of the wiring for the snow plow. The way the headlight harness from the snowplow connects to the truck is a little stupid because they don’t make a plug specifically for this truck, which is basically one of the top 3 most popular plow trucks. Instead you use one that is meant for a 96 ford or something and then like 2 adapters. Lots of places for things to go wrong. GM went out of their way to include an easy to interface with plug and the plow company decided it wasn’t worth making a plug specifically for it. I don’t get it.
One thing GM did NOT go out of their way to do was to make the headlights easy to remove or access, even for a bulb change you need to have tiny arms and about 3 elbows. On the passenger side you either need to remove the air filter assembly or the entire grille of the truck… to simply change a lightbulb!
Since I was going to be working on both headlights I decided to go with the grille removal method.
It’s not especially fun to remove the grille, it involves 10mm bolts, plastic clips and spring tension clips. Then you have to pull two bolts out of the top of the headlights and climb below the splash guard of the inner fender and loosen a bolt behind the bumper, then wrestle the headlights out.


I decided to disconnect the light components of the plow entirely to avoid any other problems over the summer. As I had predicted, the plow harness was the culprit and I am happy to report that we’re seeing with two eyes again!


So, what does all this have to do with our house? Well, it was done in the driveway, right? And if you read this blog you know that he’s a big part of our operation here at Titus Road, so I think he deserves to be part of it.


Old Couch, the bell tolls for thee

16 Mar


I just got a call from the delivery guy that they are about 10 minutes away with our new sectional from Macy’s.
Our old couch is a hand me down from several apartments and houses that I originally was given by Jim and Kimbel. He’s very comfortable, but not very stylish, like a pair of old sweatpants. They might feel good, but you don’t want to be seen in them.
It’s the end of an era.


More later!


13 Mar


I’m wearing shorts and a T-shir,t and Ishi is sitting in the open window watching the birds outside. Only thing missing is, I dunno, leaves on the trees? I’m pretty sure I was plowing snow this time last year.

I took a week or so off of blogging because I had to drive to Florida and back for work, so I didn’t have a lot of free time, and when I did I spent it eating and sleeping. The nice thing was that I didn’t have to come back to harsh winter weather in New York after getting used to the warm weather down South.

Another added benefit of this weather, if it holds up, is that we should be able to get back in to deck building sooner than we had expected, and the fact that we changed the clocks helps that too. It would be nice if we can enjoy our deck this summer rather than working on it the whole time!