Chim chiminey

24 Feb

Well, we got our Chimney swept and our firebox serviced today by Augie’s Chimney Sweep. It was recommended to have some service done on the fireplace by the home inspector. Augie and Frank were immediately shaking their heads and telling me how dirty the chimney was and how it looked like it had never been swept and we’re lucky we didn’t have a fire and those sorts of dramatic statements. So they swept and they did some “pointing” repair in the firebox and now we have to wait till Saturday to have another fire.

They’re going to send me an estimate about a few repairs they recommend on the outside of the chimney for “when the weather breaks” so they can safely go up on the roof.


One Response to “Chim chiminey”

  1. Kimmy February 25, 2011 at 8:17 PM #

    We got the same dramatic statements when our chimney got cleaned as well. Be careful on the “repairs” they kept scaring us with stories of carbon monoxide and that we needed a whole new liner ($2500) – none of our detectors were going off, and we’ve been fine.

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