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Digging In!

6 Jul

Work is underway on our 3rd (and final) set of stairs for the deck. This set is on the West side and will provide us with access to the side yard (future home of the fire pit & veggie garden!)
We’re currently mixing cement for the stair base. We did some careful measurements, built a frame and guides. We also put up a work tent since it is 80+ degrees and not a cloud in the sky.
While the cement sets we’ll be finishing up another lil project we’ve been working on. More on that later!


A Touchy Subject

10 Feb

Back in March of 2012, my sister and I were wandering in and out of antique stores in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, not Colonial). I took pics of some items I liked that may be nice in our house in the future. Among these items were an old dresser I thought I could restore, a channel-back chair I thought I could reupholster, and a pair of really pretty lamps that only needed shades. These were all wish-list items, that I though would “one day” be lovely in our house..


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We’re Doing it Right!!

3 Feb

This weekend we began another fairly sizable project – converting our radiators to baseboards. This project is fully DIY, and when we DIY, we make sure we “Do it Right.” As you may be aware from following our blog, we live by that Mike Holmes motto. No shortcuts, no quick fixes, no “this is good enough”… We do it right.

Which brings us to why, come Monday night, we still haven’t finished the first room conversion. We started in the master bedroom, since we’re still not living in it, and since it’s been one form of a mess or another since we moved in almost three years ago, another kind of mess would be a-ok!

The master bedroom has been notoriously cold in this house, and as we recently learned our next door neighbor, with a very similar house, has the same problem. Both houses, build in the 50s, don’t have any decent insulation in the walls, and the masters in both houses face north, not getting any sunlight. Also along with the chilly bedroom dilemma, is the super toasty bedroom on the other end of the house. For us it’s the guest room/office, and for our neighbor, a kid’s bedroom. Really the only way to get the master to be a good temp would be to crank up the heat for the whole house, thus making the office a sweat lodge… Not quite a viable solution.

With each project we complete, we get closer to being able to moving in to our master, so this is something we needed to remedy. Continue reading

The Blind’s Sides

1 Feb

Part of our new window project involves deciding on new window treatments. We have a few ideas that will improve the look in the bedrooms since all that was there previously were cheap vinyl Venetian blinds. Functional, but not fun.

The living room/dining room were the first decor projects we tackled when we moved in a few years ago. On the living room window we had installed 2″ faux wood blinds with custom curtain panels on the sides. We still love the look and want to keep the same treatments.

The new windows have the same layout and overall width, but the individual window sizes are different. The side windows are more narrow than the originals, and the picture window in the middle is wider. Continue reading

Aaand…. DONE!

28 Jan

Today was supposed to be the big finishing touch – the gutter installation. Again, I sprung out of bed nice and early to move my car, and again no one showed.. Around 10AM there was a knock on the door. Not the gutter guys, but the dumpster guy! He’d come to collect his loot (dumpster). While I was more than thrilled to see that filthy beast gone, I was hoping to have it around another day or so to toss some random junk we have around the house.

Nevertheless, this was a very happy sight:

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Siding: Day 9

27 Jan

The siding is done!!! The guys finished around 3:30 today, just as the temperature started rapidly plummeting. It started out around 40 this morning, but now we’re down to 31, with a very cold wind making it feel like 22. (Personally I’d say it feels much colder!)

We did a walk around the property with the guys and everything seems up to snuff. It’s really amazing what a transformation this house has undergone. We’re really looking forward to the snow melting, and the sun coming out so we can really appreciate how awesome the house looks!

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Siding: Day 8

26 Jan

It’s Sunday, it’s been VERY cold all day, and it even snowed at one point! That didn’t stop the guys from putting in another 9-5 day though. Surprisingly we’re not at a full two weeks yet since they started the siding, (including the weather delays) but it certainly feels like this has been a never-ending project, and I know they’re as antsy to get done as we are to have them be done! But, we’re starting to see the light at the end of the siding, and they think they may be able to finish up tomorrow (weather pending.)

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Siding: Day 7

25 Jan

It’s just after 5PM on a Saturday night, and it’s snowing, and the guys just finished working! When I checked the weather this morning, it was already in the 20s at 8 in the morning. I was getting ready for the gym and I half wondered (almost jokingly) if the guys would show up today since it was “warm” out. Moments later I noticed someone outside & sure enough they were here and ready to work.

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Phase 3: Siding Update

21 Jan

Snow Day!

Up until today, the crew of two were moving at a pretty good speed. They did have a half day on Saturday because the early snow turned to rain, but they made up for it by working all day on Sunday. Technically, we’d be on day 6 of the install, instead, we’re on another weather delay (and I’ve lost track of how many of those we’re up to.) The Weather Channel is predicting 3-5 inches during the day, and another 4-6 overnight, with wind gusts up to 40MPH!

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My Fix for Removing Facebook Pictures (& Birthdays) from Mac/iPhone Contacts

19 Jan

For starters, my phone is the iPhone 5, the Facebook app is version 6.8, my computer is a 2008 MacBook, now running Mavericks 10.9.1

BIG WARNING/DISCLAIMER: This is what worked for me with the software and hardware versions I’ve listed .

I CANNOT GUARANTEE THIS WILL WORK FOR YOU OR THAT YOU WILL NOT LOSE OR ACCIDENTALLY DELETE IMPORTANT FILES/CONTACTS/ETC… I’m writing this because I could not find anything even remotely helpful in getting Facebook out of my contacts! Also, I am not a computer tech.

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