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15 Feb

This post is a follow-up to the post “All Mixed Up”
It will make a lot more sense to you if you read through that post, first.

This happened a few weeks ago but I’m finally getting around to writing about it. We got the parts we had ordered to repair the mixer and completed the repairs, I made sure Corinne took plenty of pictures along the way, and that’s what kept from writing. She was taking plenty of pictures to begin with, and then I kept saying “make sure you get this, make sure get that” so we wound up with like 60 or 70 pictures of the repair process, which is quite overwhelming. But, I’m going for it now.

With our new gear (and backup new gear) in hand, we were ready to begin.

The first step was to remove all the old grease.


At this point I could remove the tower, which is the assembly that contains the offending nylon gear.

Once that was out I could continue cleaning out all the grease, especially the grease that had become liquid from excess heat. I also wanted to try to avoid any incompatibility issues between the old grease and the new so I really spent some time cleaning it.

Once we were all clean I went on to removing the stripped out gear from the tower. I used a punch and a brass hammer to drive out the roll pin that holds it on the shaft.

You can see how the punch fits through, as illustrated with nice clean new gear.

The old gear is removed from the shaft, a little more cleaning and then the new gear is installed by driving the roll pin back in until it just barely sticks out on each side. The new gear is coated with grease as is the shaft before it is installed in the tower.

After that the tower is reinstalled so it meshes with the other gears. And then it’s time to gob the whole thing up with lots of nice, new, food safe, NSF approved, grease.


Then it’s time to put the cover back on the case, which requires a little finagling to get all the various gears to line up.

A punch through the beater shaft allows me to rotate the gears a bit, which lets the top of the case finally drop into place. You can see that I am having the time of my life in this picture.

All the screws that hold the case together are reinstalled.

The planetary assembly can then be reinstalled, which is held in place by another roll pin.

After that the little chrome trim ring can be hammered into place, I used a nice clean dead blow hammer so it wouldn’t mar the surface.

The last thing to do was to reinstall the electrical cover and cord strain relief.



And of course, just one more step…