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Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb


Love, ishi!


Merry Christmas!

25 Dec






Lost Paw Pal

24 Jul

Last night I went to pick up dinner and I saw a sign in the window about a missing cat. It turns out that the cat in the picture, in my eyes, bears a striking resemblance to the cat I saw on Friday night after the cat fight and cat swim. This is featured in this post, if you missed it. I had thought the cat I saw friday night may not be the same cat we normally see outside our house, because he seemed a little less scruffy and didn’t seem to have the distinguishing bendy ear. I didn’t think much of it at the time but when I saw the sign I was almost sure it was the same cat.

I gave the woman a call and left a message saying that I didn’t want to give false hope but there’s a chance I had seen her cat. She called me right back and I wound up emailing her (her email address is, btw) the pictures I took that night, even though they were quite blurry, so she could try to tell if she thought it was “Daisy” or not. The coloring is similar, and the white paws, white chest and white nose are all there, but she’s still not convinced. I don’t think there’s enough detail in the pictures to make a judgement, and, at least on paper, and in my memory, the cat matches the description of the missing cat. I really do hope we see it again and hopefully they can be reunited. We only live a few blocks from where the cat was last seen, and where she lives, so the likeliness that it could be the same cat is high enough to be vigilant and keep a sharp eye out for this little guy. I’m considering a short term rededication of ishi-cams to scope out our backyard in case she walks through at some point when we’re not looking.

Wet Behind the Ears

21 Jul

and tail!
Last night I was watching a little Tour de France and I heard a low murmuring outside. It sounded like there might be a cat fight brewing, this time Ishi was not involved, for once. I heard some angry meowing followed by some growling and then some kitty screaming. It was right outside the front so, as Ishi snapped to attention, I jumped up and looked out the front window just in time to see a flash of orange fur as it splashed through our little pond. It seems the orange guy next door was being chased by another cat, and fell in to the pond in the process. I grabbed a flashlight and ran outside and found the poor little wet rat hiding under a bush.

He looked a little scared so I took a look at him to make sure he wasn’t hurt. He looked ok, besides being very wet and disheveled, so I sort of coaxed him away from the bush and he went and sat under my truck and began the long process of grooming himself.


Once he seemed settled I went searching for the other cat. With my flashlight it was quick work, as his little reflective eyes gave him away. He was hiding along the fence on the opposite side of the house, and he was dry as a bone. He didn’t seem scared but he was backing away from me to keep his distance. I had a hard time getting a picture of him because he kept ducking behind the brush he was hiding in.



13 Jul


After mowing the lawn Wednesday, and with the lack of rain I was persuaded that, for the first time this summer, we should perhaps give the front lawn and the plants a little bath so they don’t turn brown.

I knew we had a hose bibb in the front that was turned off, so I figured I’d give that one a try rather than using the one all the way around the back of the house. It turns out the reason it was shut off inside was not to prevent a winter freeze, but because the valve is leaky, so even when the faucet is off, it’s still on a little. I’ll have to replace that, and I’ll try to document that when I do.

For the time being, I reverted to running the hose all the way around the house to set up the sprinkler. I ran it for about an hour on the lawn and then a half hour just on the plants, but they were getting a more concentrated sprinkle so they probably got just as much water as, if not more than, the lawn.

Ishi seemed to like the way sun was hitting the stream from the sprinkler as it passed by the tree.

Lobster Repair

14 May

I’m sure this is a confusing title, but it’s true… I fixed a lobster today!

Since Christmas, Ishi’s favorite toy has been Santa Lobster. He’s a little stuffed lobster with a Santa hat, and he has crinkly stuff inside that really drives Ishi wild. She loves to stalk and pounce on him and she’s fond of somehow carrying on to our bed when we’re not home. She also likes to lay on her side and hold him with her front paws while she sort of digs into him with her back paws, which is adorable.
So, you can imagine our dismay when his stitching tore a little bit and his stuffing started to poke out a few weeks ago. And then today when we got home his stuffing was all over the bed and he was pretty much empty. It was time to take action!


Corinne dug up a little sewing kit and I got to work stitching. I collected all the stuffing, and put it back in and reformed the little guy as much as I could. I even reinforced the stitching on his claw for extra security. He looks almost as good as new, but proud of his scars with contrast stitching.

Santa Lobster is back to work and in typical cat fashion, Ishi couldn’t be less interested.

I’m sure she’s happy on the inside and relieved to have her old friend back… I bet she’ll be boppin’ him all around the house when we’re not looking in no time.


13 Mar


I’m wearing shorts and a T-shir,t and Ishi is sitting in the open window watching the birds outside. Only thing missing is, I dunno, leaves on the trees? I’m pretty sure I was plowing snow this time last year.

I took a week or so off of blogging because I had to drive to Florida and back for work, so I didn’t have a lot of free time, and when I did I spent it eating and sleeping. The nice thing was that I didn’t have to come back to harsh winter weather in New York after getting used to the warm weather down South.

Another added benefit of this weather, if it holds up, is that we should be able to get back in to deck building sooner than we had expected, and the fact that we changed the clocks helps that too. It would be nice if we can enjoy our deck this summer rather than working on it the whole time!

Meowey Christmas

25 Dec


Showers Expected

23 Dec

Apparently this little guy may be tired of licking herself clean and wants to take a shower.
I’m guessing maybe she wants to wash off the stuff that makes some of our guests sneezy.


Big Tail Strikes Again

20 Dec

We were awoken at the crack of dawn this morning by a screaming baby… Or so it would seem. I jumped out of a dream to my heart racing and sat straight up in bed. Then I heard it again, and I realized that the baby was not a baby but a cat, or two, actually.
This actually happened once in our old place in Sea Cliff. Apparently Ishi likes to have early morning howling matches through the windows with neighborhood cats.


Yes, the puffy tail club was in full effect, growling, meowing, moaning, howling, whining and possibly drooling were all happening on both sides of the window. It was quite a sight, and even more of a sound. The size of little Ishi’s tail during this exchange would make any raccoon jealous.
The worst part of this whole thing was that I thought it was the middle of the night initially but it turned out that it was only minutes away from my alarm clock going off, now THAT’S a wake up call.