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A Touchy Subject

10 Feb

Back in March of 2012, my sister and I were wandering in and out of antique stores in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, not Colonial). I took pics of some items I liked that may be nice in our house in the future. Among these items were an old dresser I thought I could restore, a channel-back chair I thought I could reupholster, and a pair of really pretty lamps that only needed shades. These were all wish-list items, that I though would “one day” be lovely in our house..


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The Blind’s Sides

1 Feb

Part of our new window project involves deciding on new window treatments. We have a few ideas that will improve the look in the bedrooms since all that was there previously were cheap vinyl Venetian blinds. Functional, but not fun.

The living room/dining room were the first decor projects we tackled when we moved in a few years ago. On the living room window we had installed 2″ faux wood blinds with custom curtain panels on the sides. We still love the look and want to keep the same treatments.

The new windows have the same layout and overall width, but the individual window sizes are different. The side windows are more narrow than the originals, and the picture window in the middle is wider. Continue reading