Network Nook

23 Feb

For a while now, I’ve had this project in mind and finally a couple of new nail guns and some scrap plywood made me finally get around to building this thing. As with many things the cable modem and wireless router just got put in the basement “temporarily” when they were first installed, with the idea that they’d find more permanent homes in the future. The original home for these items was the floor, and then they were upgraded to sitting on top of two mini-fridges for about the past 2 years. Over time other accessories joined the party, like the UPS, the Vera LITE Z-wave router and eventually a networked hard drive. At some point due to wired and wireless ranges of cameras and stuff I decided I’d get better range by moving the Airport to more centralized point of the house, and higher up.

This was the solution, I’m somewhat embarrassed to say:


Not exactly a clean installation, to say the least. You can see the Airport clamped to the bottom of the I-beam, the hard drive sitting on TOP of the I-beam, and the VERA way in the back ground, the cable modem had made its way to a cardboard box, with cables going every which way in between it all.
It was time to put an end to this madness!

I don’t have any pictures of the build because I didn’t want to make a week-long project out of it, so it was kind of down and dirty, no glue, no fancy joinery, just narrow crown staples and a couple of Spax screws where the plywood needed a little extra convincing. I did clean it up a bit by making some 1/8″ edge banding on the table saw out of some scrap pine, which I then affixed to the face with some pin nails. It gives the front a much more finished look than just raw plywood.


I made a couple little shelves so everything would be easily accessible and the cables connecting it all could be nice and short to keep it neat. Once the whole box was built I used Tapcon screws to screw in two 5/4 boards to the wall and then used Spax screws to attach the box to the boards. The UPS (which is an Uninterruptible Power Supply, with a big battery inside it to keep everything going if the power goes out for a little while) is very heavy, so this box had to be pretty beefy and secured well to the wall, I’m happy to report that after nearly a month, it is still holding strong. I also put an outlet right near this so no extension cords would be needed, and the coax cable that feeds the modem is nicely stapled up to floor joists so it no longer hangs in the way when making your way through the basement.

As an added bonus, I think it looks really cool if you happen to find yourself in the basement with the lights off…



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