The Iron-y

18 Feb

Any time I go to iron a shirt is usually about five minutes before we are supposed to be leaving to go somewhere, and the search for the iron and ironing board usually results in me just wearing a different shirt instead; it’s gotten shuffled around a lot. A few weeks ago Corinne was at the store and picked up a solution for our rogue ironing board situation, and this weekend we got a chance to install it.

It’s a simple solution, basically just a rack that goes on a wall or door and holds the iron and ironing board. We decided it would be easily accessible and out of the way if we put it on the inside of the door to the hall closet. Because this is a hollow core door the wood screws the rack came with wouldn’t cut it so I dug up some hollow wall anchors.


I used the screws it came with to temporarily mount the rack to the door to check the placement and mark where we would need to drill the 1/4″ holes for the anchors. Once we had it all marked out we put all the anchors in.


After that it was simply a matter of screwing the rack in to the anchors.


And then we just hung the iron and ironing board, and we are now organized!


Now the iron will be ready at a moment’s notice and my shirts and pants will be nice and crisp.


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