Eaton Whole House Surge Protector

13 Feb

On many episodes of Holmes on Homes, good ole Frank would install a whole house surge protector in the electrical panel. It always seemed like a good idea as we have seen people, my parents especially, have surge related damage to electronics in their homes.
One day I was at Lowes looking for something and I saw a familiar face looking back at me…


It was a Mike Holmes Approved whole house surge protector!

Obviously I had to have it.

It’s an Eaton Model # CHSPT2MICRO

The install was pretty straightforward, and if you are comfortable working inside an electric panel then it’s a DIY job, if not, then leave it to an electrician, it’s not a place to fool around if you’re not sure what you’re doing. The only bummer to the installation is that it also requires the installation (and purchase) of a double pole breaker which, naturally, takes up two breaker spots in the panel.

The surge protector itself can be mounted right to the side of the panel into a standard half inch knockout, which eliminates the need for any conduit and the cable that is hard wired into the unit can be used without any extension.


We’re very happy to have Mike Holmes looking after all the Electronics in our house!



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