A Touchy Subject

10 Feb

Back in March of 2012, my sister and I were wandering in and out of antique stores in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, not Colonial). I took pics of some items I liked that may be nice in our house in the future. Among these items were an old dresser I thought I could restore, a channel-back chair I thought I could reupholster, and a pair of really pretty lamps that only needed shades. These were all wish-list items, that I though would “one day” be lovely in our house..


I had pretty much forgotten about these items, until my birthday (which we celebrated later in the month due to a work trip) when I peered in the large gift bag from my sister. Before I even unwrapped the contents of the bag, I knew she had remembered how much I loved lamps and had gone back to get them for me! (The size and weight of the bag also gave me a pretty good clue!)

The lamps sat in the gift bag until August when we were finally able to find suitable shades. Once we did, they became permanent fixtures in our bedroom as bedside lights.


The lamps have a 3-way, twist-style switch at the top, just under the bulb, as many lamps do. Since we don’t have a 3-way bulb in it, there’s only one level of brightness, and it takes a few turns to turn the light off/on. This can be a little tricky to do without sitting up in bed, especially after applying hand lotion! I never paid much attention to these “problems” with the lamp until discovering this little nifty gadget at Home Depot…

photo 5photo 4

Basically you screw the dimmer into the light socket like a bulb, then screw the bulb into the dimmer, and POOF, my vintage lamp is now a touch lamp! I no longer have to reach and twist the switch, I can just tap the metal base of the lamp (or any other metal part of the lamp, like the harp holding the shade) to turn it on and off! Also, it somehow enables the standard bulb to function as a 3-way!

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I actually have no idea where to find this product in Home Depot, as it was just sitting randomly in an aisle, but I’d imagine it can probably be found in the lighting section. I’ll have to look into that, because I’d love to get another one for its partner!


2 Responses to “A Touchy Subject”

  1. Melinda February 13, 2014 at 7:14 PM #

    Nifty indeed! I see my present just keeps gettin better with time (and a lot of effort hehe) 😀

    • Corinne February 13, 2014 at 7:57 PM #

      Haha… I knew you’d enjoy this one!!

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