We’re Doing it Right!!

3 Feb

This weekend we began another fairly sizable project – converting our radiators to baseboards. This project is fully DIY, and when we DIY, we make sure we “Do it Right.” As you may be aware from following our blog, we live by that Mike Holmes motto. No shortcuts, no quick fixes, no “this is good enough”… We do it right.

Which brings us to why, come Monday night, we still haven’t finished the first room conversion. We started in the master bedroom, since we’re still not living in it, and since it’s been one form of a mess or another since we moved in almost three years ago, another kind of mess would be a-ok!

The master bedroom has been notoriously cold in this house, and as we recently learned our next door neighbor, with a very similar house, has the same problem. Both houses, build in the 50s, don’t have any decent insulation in the walls, and the masters in both houses face north, not getting any sunlight. Also along with the chilly bedroom dilemma, is the super toasty bedroom on the other end of the house. For us it’s the guest room/office, and for our neighbor, a kid’s bedroom. Really the only way to get the master to be a good temp would be to crank up the heat for the whole house, thus making the office a sweat lodge… Not quite a viable solution.

With each project we complete, we get closer to being able to moving in to our master, so this is something we needed to remedy.

Cue the baseboards. The master has (had) only one radiator for the whole room, which clearly isn’t cutting it. Our solution is to add a 12′ long baseboard on the street-side exterior wall, and an 8′ baseboard on the opposite wall. The extended baseboards should provide a significant greater source of heat for the room, so we shouldn’t have to blast the heat in the whole house to warm up the room.

We began our project Friday night, draining the heating system and cutting the pipes to the radiator. The next morning, Jer got to work ripping out the radiator, building out the frame where it was, and as we were discussing the insulating of the hole left from the radiator, we circled back to an earlier discussion we’d been having about ripping down the whole street-side wall of the bedroom and redoing the insulation.

It seemed like a big messy project that would distract us from our heating project, but really in essence, they’re tied together. We could have a bonfire in the middle of the room, but it won’t be as effective as it could be if the insulation is garbage. (Which it was.) So after some hemming and hawing about the situation, we decided we’d do it right, and rip out the whole wall! (Paint chipping off the wall in giant pieces also helped with the decision.)

Here’s a lil slideshow of our latest conquest:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The whole wall and insulation replacement did set us back a few days, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run!

photo 2

(Fortunately today’s snowy weather had the opposite effect of the delays it had caused our exterior reno project.. Jer was supposed to be at work today, meaning we weren’t going to get any work done on the room, but he got sent home early, and we were able to continue work in the room, making great progress! )


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