The Blind’s Sides

1 Feb

Part of our new window project involves deciding on new window treatments. We have a few ideas that will improve the look in the bedrooms since all that was there previously were cheap vinyl Venetian blinds. Functional, but not fun.

The living room/dining room were the first decor projects we tackled when we moved in a few years ago. On the living room window we had installed 2″ faux wood blinds with custom curtain panels on the sides. We still love the look and want to keep the same treatments.

The new windows have the same layout and overall width, but the individual window sizes are different. The side windows are more narrow than the originals, and the picture window in the middle is wider.

26.5" blinds would no longer fit in our new windows...

26.5″ blinds that no longer fit in our new windows…

Fortunately, Jer quickly determined he could down cut the blinds that were too wide, and that’s just what he did this morning! They’re actually meant to be cut; Home Depot sells them in a few select sizes, you pick the closest to the size you need, and they’ll chop them down for you. Rather than bringing our old blinds in to have them cut, Jer was able to DIY them downstairs with his chop saw.


The process involved measuring several times, then securing the blinds to the saw’s fence, and making sure all the slats were lined up. Obviously, you can only cut down to the point where the mechanisms are in the blinds. Also, it’s important to find the center of the blinds and cut the same off of both sides to get your desired finished size. We went about a quarter inch smaller than the window opening to allow some room for the blinds to raise and lower without rubbing and to allow for the thickness of the mounting brackets.

Blinds cut down to 24" to fit the new windows.

Blinds cut down to 24″ to fit the new windows.

A perfect fit!

A perfect fit!

Unfortunately, the middle picture window is bigger than the original, so we will need to buy a new one there, but we were pretty pleased to save some $$ and reuse the originals! We’re still going to buy the closest bigger size and cut it down ourselves rather than waiting for some mook at Home Depot to do it for us.


2 Responses to “The Blind’s Sides”

  1. Robert The Robert February 1, 2014 at 11:57 PM #

    I never would have known or guessed that the blinds could be cut. I just assumed it had to be ordered or you lived with something that didn’t fit perfectly.

    • Jerry February 2, 2014 at 1:03 AM #

      Yes, it is doable if you have the right tools. I don’t think I’d try it with aluminum mini blinds, but any wood or plastic blind should be ok as long as you take care to control it while it is being cut and use the proper blade for the job. As long as the cuts you want to make are outside the area where the controls and mechanisms are, you should be OK. I recommend doing a test cut a little farther out to see if the cut quality is acceptable.

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