Phase 3: Siding Day 6

23 Jan

The weather report said it would be 0º this morning at 6:00 am. As it turns out, they were dead wrong and it was a balmy 6º instead. Nonetheless we were pretty sure that the siding installers would not be showing up today, and really, we couldn’t blame them. So, instead of getting up to move cars out of the driveway we rolled over and went back to bed, only to be rudely woken out of an intense car chase dream by some hammering outside a few hours later. Yes, they got a little bit of a late start and by then the temperature had cracked the double digits, but they were working! Actually, it turns out just one guy is here, but he’s getting done what he can, given the circumstances.

When I shoveled yesterday I kept going by making a path around the parts of the house that still are being worked on. I figured it was easier to do it while the snow was nice and powdery and would save anybody from tripping on hidden obstacles and walking around in slush when it starts to melt. The installer thanked me when I went out to move the cars. He also said that he was going to continue moving around the house removing the old tar paper, and then installing the Tyvek and the foam insulation. As we had guessed, it’s too cold to work with the siding, as it can become brittle and crack when they try to cut and nail it when it’s this cold out.


The side of the house, this is where all the bedrooms are. The siding installed on the bottom was done towards the end of the last day they worked.


Installing some styrofoam insulation on the front of the house by the garage.


A view of the front door area and front bedroom

I think he’ll probably get the foam installation all done in a few hours and call it a day before he freezes to death, and it’s not going to be above freezing until next Monday, so I don’t know what the rest of the week holds for this project, if anything.


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