Phase 3: Siding Update

21 Jan

Snow Day!

Up until today, the crew of two were moving at a pretty good speed. They did have a half day on Saturday because the early snow turned to rain, but they made up for it by working all day on Sunday. Technically, we’d be on day 6 of the install, instead, we’re on another weather delay (and I’ve lost track of how many of those we’re up to.) The Weather Channel is predicting 3-5 inches during the day, and another 4-6 overnight, with wind gusts up to 40MPH!

Working from the East side of the house, around the back, the crew has reached the West side of the house. They are currently halfway up the West side of the house with the actual siding, and have installed the Tyvek and insulation panels, around the front and up to the entry door.

Aside from a small battle we fought and won with the crew about our need for them to use flashing tape around the windows for a waterproof seal, the installation in going really well! Part of the new siding also involves new soffits to replace the old, paint-chipped ones that were original to the house. We chose a vented, bead-board style to continue the beach-y/cottage-y feel of the house.


Finished Back Kitchen Side


Box for future light over kitchen window


Bathroom & back bedroom – electric for generator, vents for heat neatly boxed


Vented, bead-board soffits. Gutters will be added after the siding is finished.


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