Phase 3: Siding

18 Jan

With the windows complete, we’re now on to the third and final phase of our exterior renovations – the siding! We’re technically on our third day already. Work began Thursday in the midst of the guys nearing the end of the window install. Thursday materials were dropped off, and the crew removed almost all of the old siding, which I believe was the original siding from 1956, when the house was built.

The original siding was wood shingles painted a faded shade of green. When we originally were discussing new siding, we were looking into white cedar. White cedar is a little less money than the traditional red cedar, which will turn black if left untreated in this part of the country. Sadly, while we’re pretty close to the beach, it’s just not close enough for the wonderful sea salt air to turn the siding that beach gray color. White cedar does age to a gray though, and it’s also more bug resistant than the red cedar. However, it’s not as durable.

Over the past few years, Jer and I have been noticing siding on various homes that looked like wood, but was actually vinyl. We did some research and found products that mimic the look of wood siding, right down to the continuous corners. Typically the solid strip where the corners meet is a dead giveaway that you’re looking at vinyl siding. We decided to go with Pelican Bay One Shakes by Alside, which are sculpted to look like real cedar shingles. We chose a new color, Storm – a mid-toned gray that will give us the weathered seaside look we love!

East side of the house.

East side of the house.

The crew is working their way around from the side to the back. The light rain this morning, has progressed, from a wintery mix to a full on snowstorm now, so I’m not sure how much longer they’ll be working today. They are estimating to be finished by Wednesday or Thursday next week, weather pending.

Sculpted and color-matched corners

Sculpted and color-matched corners

Back Porch - We're leaving the wood ceiling in place and will be refinishing that ourselves this Spring.

Back Porch – We’re leaving the wood ceiling in place and will be refinishing that ourselves this Spring.

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