Windows: Day 5 and a Phase 3 Sneak Attack!

16 Jan

When I woke up this morning, it was looking gray and a bit rainy. Figuring the window guys would either be super late as usual or not show up at all, I took my time getting up. Before jumping in the shower though, I moved my car just in case there was more siding material to be delivered. Good thing I did! By 8:45, not only was there more siding material, but there were also guys here ready to start working!!

We had been previously told that we didn’t need to be here for the siding, so I figured they’d get to doing what they were here to do. Just as I sat down with my bowl of cereal (milk of course already added), the door bell rang. Turns out the siding guy wanted to play a quick round of 200 questions while my breakfast turned to mush! Totally fine though. I’d rather have some soggy cereal than siding not done in the way we’re expecting, plus there were several issues that needed to be addressed.

And speaking of things that needed to be addressed….. Last night I was looking around at the work being done on the windows. The more I looked, the more annoyed and disappointed I got, particularly regarding the moldings. Writing  yesterday’s post I tried to keep my cool and not freak out because the moldings weren’t exactly what I wanted. But, as the night progressed, freakout I did. I mean seriously, this is a hugely expensive job, and if these people are going to be paid to do said job, why shouldn’t it be exactly right.

When the window guys finally showed up this morning, I let them know how unhappy I was with the moldings. They said this was all they could do, and once they were filled with caulk and sanded down they would look better. Thinking at this point I had no other option I agreed to let them continue, with the thought Jer and I may be ripping off the moldings and doing them correctly ourselves later on.

Teddy showed up a little while later, and I told him how truly unhappy I was with the moldings. During this time, one of the window guys held up a piece of wood to the window, flush with the filler piece of wood, and asked if that’s what I had wanted. It was EXACTLY what I wanted. It looked EXACTLY like the window we did in the kitchen that we referenced about 100 times in discussing the moldings.

Frame 1 - Original Kitchen Molding; Frame 2 - Their way of doing molding: 1/4" filler piece sticking out; Frame 3 - Corrected molding: flush with filler piece.

Frame 1 – Original Kitchen Molding; Frame 2 – Their way of doing molding: 1/4″ filler piece sticking out; Frame 3 – Corrected molding: flush with filler piece.

My mind is still boggled at the fact that they were fully capable of doing the moldings the way I wanted, but kept saying it wasn’t how they do it. Well, now they have a new way to do things, and as of this writing, ALL the moldings have been redone in the style I want. The issue here was literally a 1/4″ piece of wood, but to me, this made a world of difference! Last night I was ready to write a scathing review of the company doing the work, but today, totally different tune. I’ll save my final review of the company until all work is completed though.

Still, I’m not thrilled that we ended up being the ones to properly seal around the windows. I did point that out to Teddy, who could provide no explanation as to why they don’t properly seal the windows, but at least Jer and I were able to “Make it Right“, even if it meant doing that part ourselves.

Back to the siding – Phase 3 of our reno project. They’re making good progress so far. All the siding is off of the back of the house, and they may have the whole house stripped by quitting time tonight!

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