Windows: End of Day 2; and Another Weather Delay

10 Jan

Day 2 again ended around 4:30PM. The guys were moving at a pretty good clip, and I was really hoping to keep the momentum going today, but when I woke up this morning to a wintery mix and a white, icy deck, I had a feeling  progress would be coming to a halt. Once it hit 9:30 and the guys weren’t here, I figured we were off for today. Around 10, I decided I’d finally have some breakfast since there was no sign of anyone. Moments before pouring the milk into my cereal the doorbell rang. (I figured sitting down for an “uninterrupted” breakfast would get someone to show…)

There was a lot of hemming and hawing about whether or not to work today and/or tomorrow, because where these guys come from there are no weather reports. One must come to the magical land of Glen Cove, where us townsfolk can do mystical things such as know what the weather will be like for the next 5 to 10 days, depending on which type of sorcery (iPhone app) we employ. After double checking my crystal ball, I informed them that the weather wasn’t going to get much better today, and that tomorrow, while it will be freakishly warm, will be pouring. Long, rambling story short, we’re on a weather delay until Monday.

Back to yesterday… After the master bedroom was finished, the guys took a lunch break, then came back to do the middle bedroom and the bathroom. The office has two windows, and they didn’t think they’d be able to get 3 done after lunch. (Since there’s only 7 hours in a day.)

First up, the middle bedroom. The window going in was basically the same size and shape, and was going in the same position.

Before - Middle Bedroom

Before – Middle Bedroom

Middle with Invisible Man Carpenter

The Invisible Man pitched in today!

Finished Middle Bedroom

Finished Middle Bedroom

Next (and last of the day) the bathroom – also being replaced with the same size and in the same position. However, when the bathroom got a facelift from whatever it looked like in the 50s when the house was built (presumably some sort of small tile flooring, and an odd color of square ceramic tile on the walls), the window installed was a cheap vinyl replacement window. The new window is wood, as are the rest of the windows in the house, and now has a bit more glass area than the previous vinyl. The old window also had a textured lower panel for privacy. The new window does not, and it’s a bit like showering al fresco. We’ll need to address that before our next outdoor party!

Bathroom Before (the window is open here, the privacy panel is usually on the bottom)

Bathroom Before (the window is open, the privacy panel is usually on the bottom)

During Bathroom Install

During Bathroom Install

Finished Bathroom

Finished Bathroom

After a long day spent hiding under the bed, Ishi was allowed to come out of the guest room. .

Ishi's Safe Place

Ishi’s Safe Place

She wasted no time, and got right to work on quality checks!

Inspector Ishi

Inspector Ishi

Thorough Sniff Test

Thorough Sniff Test

Her conclusion, looking good so far, but they best be making sure these windows are good and properly sealed before they’re done (an issue I addressed with one of the boss guys today.)


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