Polar Vortexed.

7 Jan

Polar Vortex. That’s what the “news” is calling the insanely cold weather striking the nation.

Too chilly!!!

Too chilly!!!

This post was supposed to be about the start of our big window installation….

We were up nice & early to finish preparations for the install, which included moving furniture, and getting breakables out of the way….

The windows were delivered around 8:15am & Jer helped unload them from the truck since the crew hadn’t shown up yet….

All hands on deck (which was Jer & the window dude), to unload our new front window.

All hands on deck (Jer & the window delivery dude), unloading the new front window.

Then, about a half hour later the guys show up and tell us they don’t want to work because it’s too cold.

Fair enough I suppose. BUT, seriously?! Why was this a surprise to them?? There’s been so much talk about how cold it was gonna be today that there was even time to give it a name!

So, they’re coming back tomorrow, IF it’s not too cold. A quick check of our weather apps (or turning on the TV, or the radio, or picking up a newspaper…. technology folks; shouldn’t be a big mystery as to what the weather’s going to be.) confirmed that it will be a downright balmy 25°F & sunny! Perfect for window installing & practically beach weather after today! And we really need these new windows stat! The old ones are such garbage that one actually had frost on the INSIDE today & our heat, which is set at 70° has only reached 63° even with a fire going!!

Polar evidence of the need for new windows!

Polar evidence of the need for new windows!


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