Merry Little Christmas!

7 Jan

And Happy 2013!!

Yesterday was Little Christmas, the unofficial end of the holiday season. As always, the holidays whizzed by! Ours were filled with great food, lots of family, friends, and some fun adventures!

We’ve begun the process of removing all traces of holiday festiveness from our house (so as to not be “those people” in the neighborhood with the lights up until June!). Fortunately it was pretty warm this weekend, so taking all of our lights down outside wasn’t too tough. It was nice to get that task out of the way, but a bit sad coming home to a dark house. We ended up being busier than expected this weekend though, so it’s still a Christmas wonderland inside! The wonderland’s days are numbered though, especially since we have a real tree that’s steadily losing it’s needles!

Which brings me to the gist of this post… our Christmas tree! I was planning on writing about our tree cutting adventure back when we got in in early December, but that weekend really kicked off the holiday craziness and our blogging-time was limited!

This year we went to Maple Row Tree Farm  in Easton, CT. Seems a bit crazy to drive all the way to CT for a tree, but the place we’ve gone in years past was a bit sparse last year, so we wanted to try some place new. Plus Jer and I are always up for a fun road trip, and it just so happens that one of our favorite road-trip stops, Super Duper Weenie, is also en route, more or less, to Maple Row! (side note: To our surprise, the Super Duper Weenie truck was actually AT Maple Row when we arrive, but it was only for a private event!)

Maple Row

When we arrived we were a bit taken back by the large numbers of people we saw (I should mention we heard about this place via billboard in CT). Fortunately the farm is divided up into several different areas, so we were able to avoid the crowds! This place is huge, with acres and acres of all different types of trees from which to choose. After wandering around for a while, we came upon what we believe was a Balsam Fir, a.k.a. the picture perfect tree!

Maple Row actually lets YOU cut the tree down yourself, which we were really excited about since the place we used to go would only let their skilled professionals do the chopping. It was not an easy task (I tried some sawing), but Jer got our tree down, we had it bundled, and were headed home shortly after to decorate it.. at least that was the plan.


treeheaded home

It wasn’t too chilly that weekend, so when we got home sprung into action to we put up all our outdoor lights. With a few new additions to our lighting scheme, we were working on the lights until after dark..

The tree stood unadorned in our living room for a good week until we got to decorate it, but once we did it was quite lovely and the centerpiece of our indoor holiday decor!!

Christmas 2012


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