Prepping Honda EU2000i for Storage

6 Dec

Now that our power has been restored for a while, and we feel pretty confident it will be stable for the foreseeable future, it was time to prepare the generator for long term storage so it is ready to use the next time we need it.
As has happened in the past, when gas goes bad it can play havoc on an engine. For this reason it is best to remove all the gas, if possible, and the EU2000i is designed with this in mind. If you can’t remove the fuel from an engine for storage, then you can treat it with a fuel stabilizer like Sta-bil. It is good practice to use Sta-bil for short term storage because gas can go bad very quickly, even within a month or two if the conditions are right (or wrong!)

The first thing I did to prepare the generator was to change the oil. It had run for about 40 hours since the last oil change so I though it best to change it prior to storage. You never know when you’ll need it and that’s not when you want to have to change the oil.
Once the oil was changed, I drained the gas by siphoning it with our new super siphon into a gas can.


I then ran the engine to burn up the last little bit of fuel. At this point the tank is empty but there is still gas in the carburetor. If the fuel remains in the carburetor and goes bad, it can foul the carburetor and the engine may not start or run well as a result.

When the access door is removed you can get at the carburetor and the built in drain valve and drain tube. From low down you can see the screw that opens the valve and drains the remaining gas into a tube that runs out the bottom.



The amount of gas that drains out is probably less than an eighth of a cup. When the drain was open I pulled the starter cord a few times to make sure any remaining gas was pushed out. Of course, you tighten the screw back up when you’re done so gas doesn’t spill out the next time you fill it up.

After that was all done I cleaned the outside of the generator and stuck on a P-touch label indicating when the next oil change is due. It’s really not a difficult task and doesn’t even take very long, so it’s cheap and easy insurance.


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