Honda EU2000i Oil Change

3 Dec

As mentioned in my Powered by Honda post, we ran the generator for a very long time so I decided it would be wise to change the oil a few times. The little Honda only takes about a half quart of oil, but when you change that oil, you don’t want that oil to wind up in the generator, you want it to go into your disposal pan. Honda attempts to prevent that a little by designing a little ramp below the oil drain, which helps the oil flow out the drain a little bit, but it still doesn’t reach far enough out to stop the oil from dripping inside.
When we bought the generator from Wise Sales we also bought their oil change accessory kit, which includes an aluminum magnetic dipstick plug and an aluminum spout for oil draining.


The magnetic dipstick is a nice feature because it catches any metallic particles that wind up in the oil; because small engines like this have no oil filter it is good to catch any particles you can to keep them from circulating in the engine and causing wear. Whatever gets stuck to the magnet you simply wipe off with a paper towel while changing the oil.


The spout is shown above, you simply thread it in where the plug normally lives while performing the oil change. This spout pokes out way outside the confines of the body of the generator, now when you pour out the oil it goes right to the catch pan. It is also helpful for filling the oil, although a narrow funnel is still required. Much like filling the gas tank, filling the oil is tricky because there’s not much warning that it is full. It’s full when it’s level to the edge of the fill, which means it’s basically spilling out at that point. Knowing how much oil it takes in the first palace helps you at least have an idea when it should be full, but a few paper towels or a rag usually come in handy.

A high end generator like this is a big investment so maintenance is crucial to make it last. We’ve been running good gas, and changing the oil at least every 50 hours with Mobil 1 synthetic. The hour meter I installed and these two accessories make keeping on top of the maintenance a little easier, so we’ll be ready the next time. I’ve got a few more posts related to this generator in the works, so stay tuned!


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