Wrapping the Deck

8 Aug

No, we’re not wrapping it up. We’re not done just yet!

As a few people have noted when seeing the deck in its partially completed state, “The ends are all different lengths!” Yes, thank you, we are aware. This wasn’t a case of measuring once and cutting twice. Well, actually it kind of was, or more like measure never and then cut later. We basically used boards that were long enough to cover and a little extra and left the tails long. It was the plan all along to cut them en-masse to create a continuous edge, rather than taking meticulous measurements and hoping they all lined up, which, I can assure you, they wouldn’t have. Also, this extra gave us a little more time to think about how we wanted to treat the edges of the deck. We decided to cut the boards flush to the edge of the joist all around and then wrap the edge with a vertically oriented deck board to close it in.

The first task was to take the 18 Volt Dewalt circular saw and rough cut a line about an inch from the edge that I made by snapping a chalk line.

Then I went and got out the Festool TS55 to do the actual finish cut. This saw runs on a guide track for super accurate cuts that you just can’t match with any hand held saw. I used a sliding square to find the edges and lined the guide up with that. I used my 4 foot track so it took relocating the track about 6 or 8 times to do the whole 26 foot edge.


I followed that up by easing the edges with an orbital sander with 60, 80, and 100 grit sanding pads. This gives the edges a softer look and matches the profile of the machined edges better, as well as making it less likely for something to catch on those edges and splinter. I then screwed on the vertical deck board, all the way around the perimeter of the deck, using a miter joint in the corners… Below is a little preview of how it came out, I think it does a lot to give the deck a finished look.



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