A Very Inspiring Trip

1 Aug

As Jer has referenced in several posts, we took a quick weekend trip up to Providence and Newport last month. Our primary purpose was to help his brother and sister-in-law move, but we squeezed in quite a lot of other activities in those two days as well.

We drove to up on a Saturday, making an obligatory stop at Super Duper Weenie along the way. Conveniently, it’s right off I-95 in CT. We really can’t pass this place without stopping for one (or two) of their amazing hot dogs!

From top to bottom, that’s a Chicagoan, a plain dog w/ketchup and mustard and a Californian, with a side of fries!

Some amazing clouds along the way!

When we got into Providence, Chris and Elaine were already quite busy packing, so we took a stroll down to India Park on the water, while biding our time before one of our favorite Providence events started: Waterfire! Dating back to an art instillation in 1994 by Barnaby Evans, 100 bonfires are lit in the rivers of downtown Providence on select weekends in the Summer & Fall. The fires are lit at dusk, and burn through midnight. We arrived just before the lighting, which gave us some time to wander around the city.

Waterfire – just before the big lighting

It was just after the summer solstice, and so in addition to Waterfire, there was a Solstice festival in City Hall Park. This is where we encountered the amazing Roxy’s Lobster truck! (There were other food trucks there, but we were drawn to their adorable logo!)  The truck sells an amazing CT-style lobster roll. It was so good, that we were inspired to recreate the roll ourselves this past weekend (see our last blog post!)

Roxy’s Lobster Truck!

After the lobster roll, we stopped by the Union Station Brewery for some wings and a house-brewed beer before heading back down to the river. Union Station is just off the river, so we didn’t have far to go. By the time we got back the bonfires were all lit and as always, it was a beautiful sight to behold! We spent the rest of the evening on the river enjoying the Waterfire music and snacking on kettle corn!


The next morning we were up bright and early to drive to Newport for brunch. I randomly booked a restaurant following my own criteria of being on the water and serving Bloody Marys. My random pick was The Grill at Forty 1° North. The restaurant is right on the harbor, and the food was fantastic to boot! The view was also spectacular!! We had front row seats to a yacht being prepped for departure. When we finished brunch, the yacht still hadn’t left, so we ordered another round of drinks and waited for it to set sail.

Dockside brunch

In addition to great food, great service, and a magnificent view, we also found some inspiration for our deck! While seated out on their deck, we noticed it was framed with a piece of wood running perpendicular to the main decking boards. It provided a nice finished look, and we will be featuring a similar technique on our deck. I personally also loved the table and chairs there too!

The Grill @ 41 North (you can see the decking border in the lower left corner of this pic.)

We spent the next few hours walking around Newport, then headed back to Providence. By the time we got back Chris and Elaine were just about done packing what they needed, and we proceeded to load it into the back of Jer’s truck, tetris-style!

We did make one more food stop on our way home.. it was a bit on the late side, but we were able to get into the Shake Shack in Westport, CT just before they closed!


One Response to “A Very Inspiring Trip”

  1. Melinda August 7, 2012 at 12:53 PM #

    Fun pics!! Makes me want to go back!

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