DIY Lobster Rolls

30 Jul

Ever since our trip to Providence and Newport a few weeks ago we’ve been dreaming of the lobster rolls we had at Roxy’s Lobster food truck.


The type of rolls we got there were not the typical mayo-saturated roll you’re used to, these were “Connecticut Style” which is essentially just chopped lobster meat served hot with drawn butter on a toasted hot dog bun. People who are familiar with the Connecticut-style would call that a normal lobster roll, and the mayo-laced version a Lobster Salad Roll.

Suffice to say, it’s not easy to come by a Connecticut Lobster roll on Long Island. Sadly, Corinne reports that one of her worst lobster roll experiences was at the iconic “Lobster Roll” (or “Lunch”) roadside restaurant in Amagansett that we’ve all passed on the way out to Montauk, so even a place that would seemingly be the holy grail of lobster rolls falls flat. The rolls there are of the salad variety and they are very heavy handed with the mayo.

Aside from tracking Roxy down, which we intend to do again at some point, the only option was to try our hands at making our own.

We decided to go on a lobster run, and it seemed like it would be a fun trip to take a drive down to Jordan Lobster Farm in Long Beach. It was a rainy day, but that just meant it wan’t too crowded there, so it worked out in our favor. We weren’t sure if we could just get lobster meat, lobster tails, claws, or just whole lobsters. They had tail meat ready to go for about $40 a pound, which sounds pretty nuts but it’s about 8 small lobster tails. We decided that it would be best to have not just tail meat, but also claw and knuckle meat like Roxy’s did. We made the decision to get some whole lobsters and take the meat out ourselves. I saw a sign in the lobster pickup area that said “3, 1.25 pound lobsters – $30” which was a pretty good deal, I thought. I asked the guy if that was cooked or live, and he said “Either way. We’ve got two, pound and halfs ready to go for $25 if you want.” So that’s what we went for. We also grabbed some heat-and-eat baked clams and a few other things from the store there, and then we were off with our spoils!


We saved some time by not having to cook the lobsters, of course, so I got right to breaking down the lobsters to get all the meat out of them. Meanwhile, Corinne got the butter clarification process going so we’d have the god stuff to pour over the lobster. At the same time we got the iron skillet going to toast the hot dog buns. Once I had all the lobster meat cleaned out of the shells, I gave it a rough chop. After that we toasted the buns, put the lobster on the rolls and poured some clarified butter on them and they were ready to eat.

There was no time to have a big photo session, we had to eat them while they were still hot, and boy were they yummy!


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