Lost Paw Pal

24 Jul

Last night I went to pick up dinner and I saw a sign in the window about a missing cat. It turns out that the cat in the picture, in my eyes, bears a striking resemblance to the cat I saw on Friday night after the cat fight and cat swim. This is featured in this post, if you missed it. I had thought the cat I saw friday night may not be the same cat we normally see outside our house, because he seemed a little less scruffy and didn’t seem to have the distinguishing bendy ear. I didn’t think much of it at the time but when I saw the sign I was almost sure it was the same cat.

I gave the woman a call and left a message saying that I didn’t want to give false hope but there’s a chance I had seen her cat. She called me right back and I wound up emailing her (her email address is isavecats247@_____.com, btw) the pictures I took that night, even though they were quite blurry, so she could try to tell if she thought it was “Daisy” or not. The coloring is similar, and the white paws, white chest and white nose are all there, but she’s still not convinced. I don’t think there’s enough detail in the pictures to make a judgement, and, at least on paper, and in my memory, the cat matches the description of the missing cat. I really do hope we see it again and hopefully they can be reunited. We only live a few blocks from where the cat was last seen, and where she lives, so the likeliness that it could be the same cat is high enough to be vigilant and keep a sharp eye out for this little guy. I’m considering a short term rededication of ishi-cams to scope out our backyard in case she walks through at some point when we’re not looking.


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