Test Fryve

15 Jul

We went on a nice little trip to one of my favorite BBQ places, Town Line BBQ, as a little reward for reaching a milestone on the deck, and because it was hot, wet, and rainy today. Corinne had put a strict ban on Town Line until the decking was down, to help motivate us to keep pushing on. It was a good reward; a good meal and fun drive, as usual.

On the way back, we hit up a couple farm stands, although we came away empty handed due to some slim pickin’s in the tomatoes and basil we were looking for. It is also our habit to swing by the outlet mall in Riverhead to try to snag some deals.

As usual, we found ourselves in Williams-Sonoma, this time with a targeted search for pots and pans. Corinne has been eager to replace some our pots and pans because the non-stick coating is starting to chip off a little, and she wants to upgrade to full stainless. We had our hearts set on All-Clad, but there was certainly a little sticker shock. We also realized we had not researched enough to make a purchase of this scale without really knowing what we were getting for that big investment.

The little documentation we did find actually concerned us because there were a lot of warnings about not to do this and that, or use salt without pre-boiling the water, and make sure the pot is properly pre-heated and marking and scorching and pitting. We really want to upgrade to good pot and pans so they perform better and also so they look good, but if we have to treat them with kid gloves to keep them looking good, we might not consider that an upgrade after all. I know that our pots and pans right now are not treated with delicacy, and they hold up fine. They are over 10 years old at this point, so I think the slight wear we see is acceptable.

We did want to come back with something at least, and there was a decent sale going on, so we decided we’d try another brand that is similar but about a third of the price. So instead of plunking down 250 bucks on a 4 quart saucepan that we might not like, we spent $25 on a Calphalon 8″ frying pan.


It is very similar to the All-Clad and while there may be some advantage to the All-Clad, I have to think there is a strong case of diminishing returns here. I find it hard to believe that the All-Clad is four times better than the Calphalon. So, we figured we could get a nice frying pan that Corinne will probably use a lot to make omelettes and stuff, so we’ll get a feel for how it performs, and how it holds up to our abuse. This baby looks like it’s ready for anything, so hopefully it’s ready for us!


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