13 Jul


After mowing the lawn Wednesday, and with the lack of rain I was persuaded that, for the first time this summer, we should perhaps give the front lawn and the plants a little bath so they don’t turn brown.

I knew we had a hose bibb in the front that was turned off, so I figured I’d give that one a try rather than using the one all the way around the back of the house. It turns out the reason it was shut off inside was not to prevent a winter freeze, but because the valve is leaky, so even when the faucet is off, it’s still on a little. I’ll have to replace that, and I’ll try to document that when I do.

For the time being, I reverted to running the hose all the way around the house to set up the sprinkler. I ran it for about an hour on the lawn and then a half hour just on the plants, but they were getting a more concentrated sprinkle so they probably got just as much water as, if not more than, the lawn.

Ishi seemed to like the way sun was hitting the stream from the sprinkler as it passed by the tree.


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