New Rim Joist

11 Jul

So, on sunday, after I put in the hurricane ties but before the petting zoo came in to town, I installed our new rim joist on the deck. As you know from the 4th of July post we had removed the existing rim joist to cut the joists down so the framing would end flush with the last full piece of decking.
I also wanted to replace the 2x8s that the rim joist was made of because they were not great pieces of wood, we realized after looking at them for a while. I was able to salvage about 16 feet of the 20 foot piece, but the end I cut off had some serious knots in it that seemed to be compromising the integrity of the board. I had purchased a new 12 footer so I used what was left of the 20 footer and the new 12 footer to make the new rim joist. I offset my cut on the old board so I wouldn’t be going in to old screw holes. Our cuts on the ends of the joist seemed to work out pretty good because when I screwed it all in the framing did land pretty nice and flush all the way down.


You can see in the picture the blocks I screwed in to the bottom of a couple of the joists to support the boards while I screwed them in, a lot easier than trying to hold and screw in a board that big.
After the rim joist was all in I took our trusty drilling jig and drilled the second row of holes in the last deck board. I modified the jig slightly by taping a 1/4 inch shim to register the holes a 1/4 inch closer to the edge of the board. This barely perceptible to the eye but it makes sure the screws are going in to the joist rather than into the seam between the 2 joists, so we know it has a solid grip on the framing and doesn’t split anything.


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