Hurricane Ties

8 Jul

This morning before it got too hot I took care of one of the items that was on our list of to-dos from our building inspector visit. He asked that we put hurricane ties on every other joist to tie them to the header on the far end from the house. The hurricane ties are aptly named because they are actually designed to keep things connected in hurricane conditions. They are used to tie things such as rafters to walls to keep a roof from lifting off in high winds.
In our case they are intended to prevent “uplift”. I guess the theory is that if high winds were rushing by the deck the wind going over and under the deck could make the deck act like a wing and actually lift off. These metal ties attempt to make a solid connection between the joists and the headers, which are anchored to the cement footings. Each bracket connected into both the joist and the header with 5 screws or nails each, for a total of 10. I decided to use screws because our access was limited due to the space constraints under the deck.

These are screws made specifically for this purpose, by the company that makes the brackets: Simpson Strong Tie. You can see that they have a flat head as opposed to a counter sunk head so they apply even pressure to the bracket instead of squeezing through.
It wasn’t too bad of a job to do, just a little time consuming to put 10 screws in each bracket. So, I checked that off the list and maybe tomorrow I’ll make a post about what else I did this Sunday before the petting zoo showed up next door…



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