LEDs and Bugs…

3 Jul

Perfect together.

For now, given our limited experience, I would like to dispel the myth that LED bulbs do not attract bugs. I heard it and it didn’t make sense to me, but I so wanted it to be true, because I hate the front door being covered with bugs. So we got an LED bulb to replace the light by the front door.


This is a 40 Watt equivalent Eco-smart bulb that is rated at 3000 kelvin, which is close to the color temperature of a regular incandescent bulb. A large part of my job involves color temperatures of various lights and making sure they match, so not only do I know what 3000 kelvin means, it also bothers me when I see bulbs that don’t match. This bulb does a pretty good job of reproducing incandescent light but it’s not spot on. I haven’t taken a meter robot but I’d guess it’s slightly cooler (or bluer, or higher color temp) and might have a slight bit of magenta (or minus green) in it, so it is apparent if it is in the same room as a real bulb. I’d say the light is superior to a CFL and it goes to full power instantaneously, unlike many CFLs. It only draws 7 watts of power so it does use about one sixth of the power that the bulb it replaced used.

We had high hopes and were eagerly awaiting a bug-free entry to the house when we first returned home in the dark the first night, but, sadly, it was not to be.

Would a “blue” or “daylight” LED attract less or no bulbs? I doubt it, having seen lights of all color temperatures at night being swarmed with bugs. It is my contention that color temperature has little or no effect on bug attraction.

So, the might still attract just as many bugs as it did with the old bulb, but it is on more than any other light in the house so at least it will help save some electricity.


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