Florence Comes Through

1 Jul

Once again, it was Florence Building Supply to the rescue. After our fiasco with the manager at Nassau Suffolk denying us from getting the wood we needed we were getting disparate. At last contact Florence had run low on supply and wasn’t expecting more for a few weeks but just for kicks I got in touch with our salesman and he said that they actually had gotten more in and we could come in and take a look and try to find what we need.
My brother, Chris came with me to the yard to help out. When we got there we eventually headed back to the yard and the guy who helped us brought out the whole pallet and let us pick through it for what we needed. He was very accommodating but it was good Chris was there with me to lift all the heavy stacks of boards onto the trailer. It was a little complicated to explain that we needed pairs of boards that add up to 30 feet but finally he was on board and made sure we got what we needed.
We finally got what we were looking for, and a little extra, as backup and then helped the guy re-stack the pallet so he could put it back on the shelf safely. Once we paid for the lumber we went back out and tied down our load, and we were on our way. A stop for burritos at Faz’s in Huntington was in order, so we wiggled our way in to two parking spots in downtown Huntington and got a nice lunch in some much needed air conditioning.
By the time we got back home with the trailer the sun was high overhead and the temp was in the mid 90s. I was eager to use the help that Chris was offering but at the same time I didn’t want to abuse him, or us, so we decided to take it easy for the rest of the day instead of torturing ourselves.
We had plans this evening but we did get a few boards down this morning before it got super super hot and we had to start getting ready. We might not have gotten too much decking down this weekend but at least we now have the materials to be able to get some work done.



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