Falling Behind

29 Jun

Two weeks ago I made a post entitled Friday Head Start, where I boasted of our progress and how we were ready to go the next morning and pick up some more wood from the fresh pallet of wood at Nassau Suffolk. As planned, I showed up there at around 9:30 am and headed to the yard to ask the guy to dig out the pallet we had been shown the night before. The guy in the yard wasn’t exactly pleased that he had to do this, but it was more that he wished he had been informed in advance, he said “I wish there was a note when I got here this morning telling me there was a customer coming so I could pull the order in advance instead while you stand here waiting”. The pallet was buried behind 2 rows of pallets so it was a real effort to dig it out, it really took the guy about half an hour by the time all was said and done. When we finally got to the pallet we needed he asked me to see my list and he was a little hesitant to give me exactly what I was asking for, stating again that it was sold in random lengths. He decided it would be best to pass the list by the manager because he was afraid we would load the whole order and then the manager would refuse to release it anyway, so we went into the sales office. The manager, who remembered me from the night before, was not ready to play ball. After a few minutes of discussing and trying to see if I could get him to compromise I could see that he was not willing to make any concession to us and help us out at all. Finally I gave up and said something along the lines of “I guess you’re not gonna help me out at all so I’m leaving with nothing.” I actually went back to the yard and apologized to the guy for doing all that work for nothing. He was very understanding and apologetic, and sympathized with me, despite having no power to do anything about it.

It was a little (a lot) disappointing to be treated this way at a place where you’ve already spent thousands of dollars and are about to drop another thousand or so. It may be small potatoes compared to what some contractors spend there on a regular basis, but how do they know we don’t have a big project coming up where we’d be spending tens or hundreds of thousands? I know if we do, we won’t be spending it there anymore.

This decking is sold as random lengths, and I get that if you buy all the 16, 18, and 20 footers that the next guy will be left with only short lengths, but I made it clear that I just needed a few specific lengths, including some on the shorter side and that I would be willing to buy some 6 footers as well to offset some of the longer ones, since we could use those for steps and stuff. This guy was absolutely unwilling to make any compromise and almost seemed to take pleasure in denying my request, and certainly didn’t seem to value me as a customer. It’s really sad when you try to support a local business and it backfires on you.

That morning I spent the next 3 or 4 hours running around to 5 different lumber yard to try find some more decking. Unfortunately, anyone who was willing to accommodate us did not have the stock to do so, and therefor I came back at around 1PM with an empty trailer, thereby negating any head start we had gotten from working Friday evening. We decided to soldier on with the shorter lengths we had remaining but the going was slow, as each joint adds about a half hour to the process, so if there are three joints, as opposed to one, that’s a good hour extra per row of decking. We worked hard that weekend, but the progress was slow going and heat was a factor as well. Those last few feet are looking more like a few miles at this point.

We took last weekend off to help my brother and his wife move, and to spend some time in Province and Newport in the process. We want to make sure we don’t spend every weekend this summer  just working, so this was a very welcome respite.

Hopefully Corinne will make a nice post with some pictures from our trip!

Forecast for tomorrow is 97 degrees. Yikes.

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