New choppers for Chompley

21 Jun

A few weeks ago I pushed it a little too far on the edge of the lawn trying to mow back some weeds and I hit a little tree stump that bent one of the blades on the lawn tractor pretty badly. It stopped the tractor dead in its tracks and I had to lift it off the stump. When I ran the mower again it was vibrating quite strongly and cutting very unevenly.

I opened up my .pdf of the owner’s manual and figured out what the part number of the blades was and found a set online and ordered them. They came in about a week and I found today, when it was 90 degrees out, an appropriate time to attempt the big blade change over. Thanks to the floor jack I was able to avoid the step of having to remove the cutting deck and flipping it over to do the installation.


I was able to access the blades and the bolts from underneath without actually going under the machine, but I still put jack stands under the front axle, following proper auto shop protocol, just for an extra measure of safety. The nuts that hold the blades on require a 15/16″ wrench, but, as expected, the bolts did not want to come loose with a simple hand tool, and I didn’t want to go nuts and bust a knuckle, so I took the next natural step and broke out the CO2 tank and the impact wrench to get the nuts backed off easily. Once I found the right socket and hooked up the CO2 tank to the impact wrench I made short work of backing the nuts off.


After I got the old blades off I was able to use the impact wrench again to tighten the nuts down once they were spun on by hand to make sure the threads were engaged properly. I put the tools away and put the tractor on the ground and took a spin. I mowed the front lawn and the cutting came out nice and even, so I guess the repair was a success.

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