Friday Head Start

16 Jun

We got done a little early at work so I got to work finding some more lumber. Unfortunately, the shipment they got in at Florence did not include the lengths we were looking for. I called another place in Huntington and they were also short on supply. Finally I called Nassau Suffolk right down the street in Locust Valley and they showed on the computer that they had 2100 linear feet in stock. We ran and emptied the trailer and ran over there and tried to see what they had. Of course they were getting close to shutting down so all the trucks were in the lumber house which blocks most of the wood from being accessible. We were able to get a couple 20 footers that we need, but the supply looked a bit short by at least half compared to what I would expect 2100 linear feet to look like. So I asked if there was more and he found a fresh bundle which conveniently has a tag on the end that describes what’s in the bundle.

So I plan to go back in the morning when all the trucks and fork lifts will be out of the lumber house and the bundle will be accessible and hopefully they will let me pull exactly what we’re looking for.

For an update on what REALLY went down, read this post.

We were able to use some of the wood we got and put down 3 rows of boards, which is pretty good for an after work decking session. Theoretically we have 12 or 13 rows left after what we did this evening. We’re getting there!


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