Gutter Mouth

11 Jun

Getting our gutters fixed or replaced has been on our list for a while, basically since we moved in. Throughout the Winter we’ve had to be careful of ice that would form on the front steps from the gutter was leaking in the corner. What finally sealed the deal was when we had to remove the downspout (or leader) in the back because it went right through where the deck is now. The gutters had also been pretty clogged so they’d continually drip on the deck, so this has been our temporary solution…


Obviously it was time for a fix, and I had begun to attempt it myself, but the more I got into it, the more I realized I was going to wind up with brand spankin’ new leaky gutters, so it was time to bring in some pros.




When we rented our house in Sea Cliff our landlord had the gutters done and we were pretty impressed with the work the company did, so I kept them in mind in case we had to do our own gutters one day.

Enter the guys from Long Island Gutters. I called on Tuesday night and arranged to talk to an estimator the next day. I got a call from him Wednesday while I was at work, so we continued the discussion via text, which worked great for me, and I was able to schedule the installation for Friday. They called from the office on Friday morning to give me an estimate of when the crew would arrive, and called again about a half hour before they actually arrived.


They roll the seamless gutters out of a machine right in the back of the van from a huge spool of aluminum. They are made as long as they need to be so the only seams are at the corners.

We had them install the new gutters in the back over the deck so they now run in the opposite direction, and spill out on the side of the garage, far from the basement. The new downspout for the rear gutter tucks neatly beside the post for the porch.


We also had the gutter over the garage run to the far side the garage to help make sure the basement stays dry, and to flood the driveway less in heavy rains. Before, it came down in the corner right into the driveway, and what didn’t flow into the driveway went right into the dirt which could have led to the basement.

Just as in Sea Cliff, the crew worked very quickly and took the old dirty gutters away with them so we didn’t have to deal with them. We haven’t had any big storms yet, but the new gutters certainly look much better than old ones, and what rain we have had has not shown any evidence of leakage. I think our new gutters will do a good job of protecting our roof, our basement, our front walk and of course, our new deck!


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