Dewalt DCF885 Impact Driver update

8 Jun

After a few days using the new “20volt” DeWalt impact driver I’m able to report some feedback on it. I do believe that the new driver is stronger and faster, and, appropriately, it is louder, as well. I’m not sure if the reduction in weight is noticeable or if it’s balanced differently but it does feel lighter.

When I first got the original lithium ion impact driver it was surprising that when the battery would run down that it would suddenly stop dead completely, without ever slowing down, and without warning. This seemed very strange and could be annoying when you just wanted to finish driving that one last screw. As it turns out I had gotten used to that feature and now, the new gun doesn’t do that, it slowly loses power as the battery runs down. I wonder if people had complained about it and that’s why they changed it. Having used both now I think I prefer the full power and then dead stop without warning. As the battery runs down now, if you don’t realize it, it starts slowing down and getting weaker. Eventually it won’t be strong enough to drive a screw in. Even if you don’t wait ’til it runs all the way down, the difference can be startling when you switch to a freshly charged battery. I think in my ideal world there would some indication that the battery had gotten to whatever threshold it used to shut off at, say a beep or a blinking LED, but you could still use the remaining juice if you needed to. At least that way you’d know when you were below peak power but not be dead in the water right in the middle of doing something.

The new bit holder is certainly an improvement over the previous version, and you really can load or eject a bit with one hand because you don’t have to release the chuck to install it and if there is a bit installed it will pop out if you pull and release the collar.

In general I’m quite happy with the new DCF885 but it will take a little change of habit to get used to the “old style” of battery run down again.


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