Rain Delay!

3 Jun

We’ve been out on the deck working since about 9:00 without too much to slow us down. It was getting a little hot in the sun, so we went in to get a drink. It started getting cloudy, so we went back out happy to get some relief from the sun. A nice breeze also kicked up, which felt great but it sparked a question in Corinne’s head… “Is it going to rain?” A quick check of the weather app indicated that there might be some passing storms. We kept plugging on though, while the sky got gloomier and the wind kept building. Eventually it got very windy and we felt a few drops. I continued pre-drilling while Corinne packed up the router station. Then it really started coming down! I ran to put the tarp on the wood pile, while Corinne put the rest of the tools, and herself, under cover.


Luckily we had wings going on the barbecue and they are almost done, so we’ll have some lunch and wait for the rain to let up and hopefully get back to work soon!



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