The Huskee

30 May

We had our big Memorial Day weekend camping trip and the truck was filled to the roof line with camping and cooking supplies and food!


There was lots of great food including my baby back ribs, as promised, and a 14 hour brisket by Matt.


We even made two kinds of chicken drumsticks from a great butcher in New Hampshire.

And of course, there were the clams, as usual. I don’t have a picture of that because I was too busy spilling a whole tray of hot wine and clam juice all over myself. Luckily I was wearing my Carhartts (which I promptly ripped off) and I was given lots of ice quickly so the burning was limited to about 15 minutes with no lasting effects, so that was fortunate, plus I managed not to drop any actual clams!

The Clams and the Ribs were both transported in frosty style in the good old Huskee Hercules “disposable” cooler.

This cooler was purchased one day at work when we forgot a cooler and meant to be thrown out. Almost two years later it’s still kicking along and it does a great job of keeping meats and stuff cold for long periods. I think it may have better insulation value than the “real” coolers we have, and we usually reserve it for just such things, so it does not get opened up repeatedly either.
This is a very low tech cooler, but as far as styrofoam coolers go it is built like a tank, I’ve even carefully stood on it on occasion when loading the truck. The sides are very thick and it even features a deluxe packing-tape hinged lid.

It shows the wear, of course, and I reinforced the hinge with some new packing tape, which has held up quite well for what it is made of. If you come across a Huskee and might be in the need for a cheap cooler that’s just about as good or better than a “real” cooler, I suggest you pick one up… And tell me where you got it!



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