Waiting on the Weather

25 May

We have Friday off this week for Memorial Day weekend and we’re hoping to be able to use at least part of that Friday to get some decking done because we won’t be able to the rest of the weekend. At this point it looks to be touch and go with the rain situation so we’re not sure if we’ll be able.
The wood is all tarped up to stay dry while it’s being stored. Obviously the wood that is down already is getting wet but the manufacturer recommends keeping the wood covered prior to installation. I covered it up with some 6 mil sheeting but left it loose at the ends so air can flow through so it doesn’t get all extra humid in there hopefully. Even so, a day uncovered would probably be good for the pile.

We spent a little time on Sunday sorting the stacks of of decking by size so we could more easily see and access what we have.


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