Chugging Along

20 May

We started the day off by spraying the bees nest and weeds under the deck. We did have a couple run-ins with an angry bee or two, which sent us running, but no stings! The weed killer gave a bit of a toxic smell to the air, but it turned most of the stuff under growing under the deck brown by the end of the day.

After all that, we got to work on the deck and pushed on until the sun really started beating down on us and we got hungry. There was also the matter of a little drive we needed to take…

We went to one of our favorite summertime lunch spots, The Shack, in Centerport, where we found they had the new Bluepoint cans.


We planned the trip just right so we would hit the 100,000 mile mark on Corinne’s car! (Corinne was adamant about hitting the big 100K driving somewhere fun rather than to work during the week.)

We hit it just a mile before we returned home and pulled into the driveway. A tasty lunch at The Shack was a fitting celebration, and a nice break from working in the heat!

We did get back to work eventually, and while it may not look like much, it’s progress. It’s been a little tough working right against the house so that has been slowing us down a little since we’ve been working on top of each other.


There’s finally some room to walk around and put some furniture down, and it’s really starting to look like something. We can even walk outside the kitchen window now, which is a new point of view for us. Pretty soon the deck will be big enough to set up our outdoor table for the first time!


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