10 May

This morning was a big morning for us here, as I headed off at the crack of dawn-ish to pick up the Mahogany decking at Florence Building Materials in Huntington. This place is huge, there must be a dozen guys on forklifts driving around loading trucks. It’s a serious operation.


The only near snag was when I almost had the wrong order loaded on the trailer. There was another person picking up a similar (but much smaller) order of the same material; looks like someone has similar taste but perhaps a little less ambition, hehe. Once that was sorted out the correct order was brought out and strapped together and they forklifted it on to the trailer. There actually was no pallet involved, but the guys were very impressed with my trailer setup. They used two forklifts to get the load centered on the trailer.


Once the load was situated properly on the trailer where it was centered and clear of the tool box, I carefully pulled around to a less busy area on the side of one the wood racks to strap everything down. I need to weld a few D-rings to the sides of the trailer for additional strapping points for when I’m hauling non-automotive cargo, it will make things much easier. I got it pretty well strapped in though and I was on my way, but not until another person from Florence commented on how they liked my setup.


Once I had safely arrived at home I dropped the tailgate for better visibility and backed my way into the driveway and then on to the muddy grass. I put it in four wheel drive, just in case, but I didn’t have any issues getting stuck. Like they say; Weight=Traction


When I was satisfied with the position of the trailer I unhooked it from the truck, pulled away and rested the nose on some wood so it wouldn’t just be on the little tongue jack. Then I locked up the hitch and ran a cable lock through the wheels on one side for extra security. As you can see The wood is just a stone’s throw from the deck framing where it will end up. Most of the pieces will probably go from the trailer to the chop saw and on to the deck. There should not be many unnecessary steps carrying the decking.


Now that I’ve seen a large quantity of the decking material at the house, I’m really getting excited for what the finished product is going to look like and I feel pretty satisfied with our decision to go with natural wood. We can’t wait to get started. Now, if we can only figure out what kind of screws to use!


2 Responses to “My-hogany”

  1. Marcella May 11, 2012 at 5:06 PM #

    Pretty terrific pick up!
    Do they have screws the color of the wood? <3Mom

    • Jerry May 12, 2012 at 4:28 PM #

      Yes they do, but it’s a bit of compromise to chose a color that matches and I don’t think any are perfect. Also, the wood may fade but the screws may not and then they’ll stand out so we’re going with plain stainless steel screws and we’re gonna try to line them up nice instead of trying to hide them.

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