Pickin’ it up

9 May

In talking to the lumber yard and trying to arrange the delivery we determined that the piggy back forklift that would come on the truck would probably have a hard time getting the decking close to where we want it.


The problem with a forklift lifting a 16 foot wide pallet of lumber is that it can only drive where there is 16 feet of width. So, we’d need a 16 foot wide area on the side of the house and we really have more like 13 feet between the side of the house and the line of trees on the property line. I had the idea that perhaps if I picked up the decking with my trailer I could back that down the side of the house pretty close to the deck.
I went and got the trailer after work and got to work prepping it. I still had the wooden framework from the hot tub move but I needed to modify it to be able to hold the wood. The hot tub was only 8 feet long but the pallet the wood will be on is 12 feet long, so it will need more support. Also, the hot tub was about 600 pounds and the decking will be closer to 3500 pounds so it needed to be bigger and heavier. I need to have a framework to hold the wood above the level of the fenders because the forklift can only load from the side and it can only reach straight in so it needs a level platform to drop the pallet on. I beefed up the frame by putting some leftover 2X8s and 2X12s on edge so there would be solid support for the heavy load, and not rely on a 2X4 span like the comparatively light weight hot tub.
I’ve got all my ratchet straps ready to go and I’m gonna head out early before work and pick it up. I’ll be sure to take some pictures and post ’em up!


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