Inbound wood

9 May

We are in the process of ordering the wood for the decking and it’s finally happening. We have found a place to give us a little bit of a discount thanks to our friend Jim and we just have to figure out when and how it’s going to be delivered or picked up, but it should be here before this weekend so we can finally get to work!
We are going with a kind of Mahogany species known as Red Meranti, and by the trade name Outback. This is a pre-finished product so that we can put it down right away without having to finish it first, because they recommend finishing all sides of the boards, which you can’t very well do when it’s installed. There is a slight premium to pay over the boards that aren’t pre-finished but there is obviously a huge time and labor savings to be had.
We are still trying to figure out for sure which kind of screws we’re going to use, but we’re narrowing it down.


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