Scrapper’s Delight

8 May

As part of our big yard cleanup this weekend we decided to put a lot of the scrap metal we had lying around the yard out for the garbage. Now, when I say the garbage, I really mean the scrappers, as I’ve come to call them. The actual garbage men are way too picky to take that kind of stuff. And don’t even get me started on the recycling guys!
Every garbage night people will come around looking for scrap metal, they’ll go along the streets looking for junk in the garbage made of metal that they’ll then bring to the scrap yard to be “weighed and paid”. Anything from a microwave to a fridge to some copper or steel pipe is as good as gold to these guys.
We had a number of wagon wheels to get rid of (who doesn’t?) a coupe of unidentified iron posts, a fence post and a few other miscellaneous metal tidbits. We paraded it all to the front and leaned it on the fence for all eyes to see. Whoever gets this haul will probably be pretty happy, since they pay by the pound and those iron posts had to weigh at least 80 pounds each.


Wouldn’t ya know it, we put this stuff out Sunday night and it was gone when we left for work Monday morning.

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