Over Groan

6 May

We made some unbelievable progress today in the curb appeal department, following up last weekend’s water feature installation. This time we tackled the front of the house on the right side. It was completely over grown like the rest of the house and it was not pretty.

The front windows of the “master bedroom” were half covered by bushes and the whole thing was just a big mess, again, it was too far gone to try to revive.
The first step was to take it all down. We got a pruning blade for the sawzall, which is a very aggressive wood cutting blade which makes quick work of cutting branches and saplings. While I was doing that Corinne began uprooting the grass along the pathway to make a little planting bed so it feels like the path is going through the garden rather than just passing next to it.


Ridin' Dirty

She continued this cut all the way along the front in a nice meandering curve that kind of loosely follows the shape of the area around the tree in the front yard.

So at this point we had a bunch of stumps and some nicely sculpted dirt. Somehow in a matter of a few hours I was able to remove about a dozen stumps of varying stubbornness… and boy are my arms tired!! We finally had the full area clear and were ready to put some new plants in.
But, what could we put? Well, as it turns out my parents have just completed a major landscaping job and had some leftover plants that the contractors removed and had kept in burlap sacks. We headed over there to dump some of the cut down bushes in the compost pile in their woods.

Once that was done we hopped on the golf cart and loaded up some nice mature boxwoods and beach grass to bring back and plant. It was heavy stuff, but we had some fun with it!


Ludicrous Speed, Go!


A little reverse action



When we got back home we started pulling the plants out of the truck, putting them in the wheelbarrow and bringing them over to their new homes. Once we got them all lined up where we liked them we began digging the holes to plant them in. While I dug the holes Corinne cut the burlap away from the root balls. Then, one by one, we dropped them in to position and rotated them to where we thought they looked best. After we had them all in the ground and lined up how we liked them we filled in the dirt around the bases and then watered them heavily so the root balls would integrate with the surrounding soil. We still have to get mulch and put it down and we’re probably going to add some Impatiens and maybe a Hosta here and there to fill in the gaps.

We had a really long, hard day but the results were astounding, a total transformation. To the casual observer it might not even look that different, but to us it’s a world of difference and we’re really satisfied with how it came together. It was back breaking labor but the progress was visible as we toiled so it was easy to stay motivated. We hope it makes our house more inviting to our guests, I know we’re pretty pleased… and sore!


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